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Investing in people, prosperity and the planet.

Kevin Schaedler, General Partner and Building Supply Business Lead

About Us

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Habitata Building Products is a limited liability company that is owned by five partners.  This group of business people consists of an certified public accountant, two attorneys , an MBA and over 90 years of combined business experience.

The partners at Habitata Building Products are committed to a new paradigm of sustainable building that includes recyclable and energy efficient building products.   “Going Green” has already become a cliché in construction industry before green building has even been fully defined.  Habitata understands that reducing carbon output and saving energy cannot be done by merely claiming to be “green”, but is the direct result of properly engineered materials and building practices.

Habitata intends to expand its contribution to sustainable building by constantly finding new materials and educating builders to new techniques that allow human structures to enhance the planet rather than destroy it.    

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